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Cassette Wheel Hub Oil Seal

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  • Oil Seal 50*80*27.5 China Kdik Seal Factory Combi 50*80*27

  • Oil Seal 50*80*27.5 China Kdik Seal Factory Combi 50*80*27

  • Oil Seal 50*80*27.5 China Kdik Seal Factory Combi 50*80*27

  • Oil Seal 50*80*27.5 China Kdik Seal Factory Combi 50*80*27

  • Oil Seal 50*80*27.5 China Kdik Seal Factory Combi 50*80*27

Oil Seal 50*80*27.5 China Kdik Seal Factory Combi 50*80*27

Automotive seals play critical roles in different types of four wheeler vehicles. They are primarily used with bearings, hubs, and different types of mechanical systems. The seals are designed to prevent leakage of oil, lubricant, and component damage due to heat. KDIK OIL SEAL provides a wide range of sealing solutions to meet the various needs of automotive manufacturing.

Product Description

Basic Info.

Model NO.

Oil Seal 50*80*27.5



Product Name

Oil Seal


Cassette Oil Seal




Farm Agricultural Machinery Seal

Transport Package

Plastic Bag+ Carton Box


40*40*40 cm





HS Code


Production Capacity


Product Description

Product Name: Farm Agricultural Machinery Oil Seal
Type: CASSETTE Oil Seal
Size: 50*80*27
Material: NBR / FKM
Use for: Tractor OIL SEAL
Application: Tractor / Harvester / Rotary cultivator / Seeder

Detailed Photos

Oil Seal 50*80*27.5 China Kdik Seal Factory Combi 50*80*27


Product advantages

· Lengthening of maintenance interval for individual units

· Shaft must not be hardened or ground

· Old solution can usually be replaced by Cassette Seal without change to housing

· The shaft must not be machined on maintenance or seal replacement.

Oil Seal 50*80*27.5 China Kdik Seal Factory Combi 50*80*27

Oil Seal 50*80*27.5 China Kdik Seal Factory Combi 50*80*27

Product Catalog

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190*215*15,5/17 CASSETTE SEAL 12016896B
100*129,85*12,5/14 CASSETTE SEAL 12020095B
110*140*13,5/15,5 CASSETTE SEAL 12019735B
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120*160*15/17,5 CASSETTE SEAL 12018572B
121,8*150*13/12 CASSETTE SEAL 12020222B
127*160*15,5/17,5 CASSETTE SEAL 12017098B
127*160*15,5/17,5 CASSETTE SEAL 12019068B
130*160*14,5/16 CASSETTE SEAL 12016904B
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140*170*14,5/16 CASSETTE SEAL 12016688B
140*170*14,5/16 CASSETTE SEAL 12019137B
145*175*14,5/15,5 CASSETTE SEAL 12019116B
150*180*14,5/16 CASSETTE SEAL 12016329B
150*180*14,5/16 CASSETTE SEAL 12018035B
150*180*14,5/16 CASSETTE SEAL 12016394B
150*180*14,5/16 CASSETTE SEAL 12019742B
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155*195*16,5/18 CASSETTE SEAL 12016391B
165*195*16,5/18 CASSETTE SEAL 12018543B
165*195*16,5/18 CASSETTE SEAL 12015149B
170*200*15/16 CASSETTE SEAL 12019056B
170*200*15/16 CASSETTE SEAL 12019084B
178*208*16/18 CASSETTE SEAL 12018107B
178*208*16/18 CASSETTE SEAL 12019737B
190*220*16/18 CASSETTE SEAL 12017120B
190*220*16/18 CASSETTE SEAL 12018658B
210*240*16/18 CASSETTE SEAL 12019114B
220*265*19/21 CASSETTE SEAL 12019741B
220*265*19/21 CASSETTE SEAL 12019966B
235*270*20/22 CASSETTE SEAL 12019336B


1:Why more and more customers choose Xingtai Honglei Seal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (KDIK OIL SEAL)?

  • We are specialized in the manufacturing and exporting of high quality seals.  Choose us is to choose the rest assured.
  • We mainly produces various types, specifications, models of the seals of high precision mechanical components.  We have all the specifications of what you need to help you achieve one-stop shopping, save time, effort and worry.
  • We has long been a domestic and international numerous oil seal mould supply business of manufacturer, service for 18 years, we have professional talents and product research and development equipment, our research and development ability, is the domestic first-class oil seal manufacturer home.
  • We provide one-stop sealing solutions, and provide a full range of services, from product design, mold development, stamping skeleton, vulcanization molding, clip, screening and packaging,. The entire process would take a shorter, more stable quality.

2. Are you trading company or Manufacturing factory?
       * We are professional oil seal manufacture for 18 years in China.

3: What is your packing?

  • Paper roller: 10pcs in one roller, 200 rollers in one carton
  • PP bag:     50 or 100pcs in one bag,15 or 30 bags in one carton
  • Box:        1pc in a box
  • According to customer's request. 

4:Date of Delivery

  • 1-2 days if goods in stock.
  • 10-15 days if goods out of stock with molding.
  • 25-30 days if goods out of stock without molding.

5:Payment Term:

  • 30% T/T in advance and 70% balance paid before shipment.
  • West union
  • Paypal
  • others for discussion

6: Can you produce according to the samples?

  • We have our own brand of KDIK.
  • We accept ODM and OEM at the same time.We have the ability to provide the sample of the products of decomposition, develop the mould, for production.

7: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?

  • We will continue to improve the process control, and improve the quality of our products and work to reduce operating costs and provide a competitive price for customers, to ensure that customers benefit
  • We seriously treat every customer, in good faith with them to do business, make friends, no matter how much volume, we will provide a full range of services, one-stop sealed solution.

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