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Auto Oil Seal

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Auto Oil Seal

Wherever you need to prevent leakage, exclude contaminants, contain pressure, or reduce friction, the mission of the oil seal manufacturers is to help you to find the right sealing solution for your particular application requirements and commercial needs. Therefore, KDIK offers an extensive range of seals for general automobile, truck, bus, motor coach, trailer, automobile parts. Just contact us!




It normally consists of three basic components: the sealing element, the metal case and the spring. The purpose of the sealing element is to stop the fluid from leaking between the shaft and housing. The metal case will give rigidity and strength to the seal while it is being held in the bore or recessed groove. The spring will help to make the sealing element more effective. All materials must be selected depending on the environment in which the oil seal would function.




1.Dust exclusion, prevent leakage of hydraulic oil and gas;

2.Reciprocating operation, contaminations exclusion;

3.Dual steel cases design, structure enhanced, enhanced on dust, dirt and sludge exclusion;

4.Helix designs, reducing friction, sealing, dust exclusion, protect axles and bearings from dust, grit, mud and other contamination.




Industrial machinery, industrial motors, vehicle starter motors, gearbox, multi-purpose sealing, hock absorbers, hydraulic cylinder, air cylinder, air pressure stick, axles on vehicle, drive shafts, agriculture spare, engine crankshaft, camshaft, starter, trailers, heavy trucks, agricultural machinery, wheel hubs on heavy machinery.


If you are interested in our products,please contact us as soon as possible. We are here to help you make the best choice for your specific needs.


NOK 12001882B 12013519B CORTECO 12016507B 12015392B 12018868B 12017237B 12017029B Cassette type Oil Seal 12019735B 12019736B 12019553B 12017098B 12019068B 12019619B 12016451B 12016688B Wheel Hub Oil Seal 12018543B Tractor Wheel Hub Wheel Hub Seal Wheel Hub KASSETTE OEM 12014852B Harvester Oil Seal Agricultural Machinery Part Oil Seals 12015509B 12018849B 12018338B 12017098B 12016448B 12014852B 370001A 370002A 370003A 370004A 370005A 370006A 370007A 370008A 370009A 370010A 370011A 370012A CARRARO 118516 CARRARO 138215 CARRARO 047705 CARRARO 126324 CARRARO 140368 CARRARO 119768 oil seal power steering pump steering rack oil seal power steering seals 370019A 370020A 370021A 370022A 370023A 370024A 370025A 370026A 370027A 370028A 370029A 370030A 370031A 370033A 370034A 370036A 370037A 370038A 370043A 370046A 370047A 370048A 370051A 370054A 370057A 370063A 370064A 370065A 370066A 370069A 370078A 370086A 370094A 370106A 370107A 370109A 370120A 370121A 370124A 370131A 370132A 370145A 370150A 370165A 370166A 370169A 370173A 370175A 370178A 370179A 370181A 370182A 370191A 370192A 370195A 370198A 370211A 370216A 370219A 370338A 370349A 370352A 376590A 12016792B 12014836B 12018825B 12019088B 12019145B 12020003B 12020004B 12020008B 12014899B 12014492B 12017210B 12020173B 12014851B 12019501B 12016896B 12015223B 12019775B 12016630B 90311-62001 62*85*8/10 Ta Oil Seal for Toyota Oil Seal 70*122*12/30.3 Mh034178 for Mitsubishi Oil Seal Mitsubishi 90311-82001 82*116*10/20 90310-40001 40*46*12.8/17.5 8944409040 102*120*20 1-09625484-0 60*103*12/19.5 90311-75009 75*100*8.5 12020-59600 70*142*12/36.8 Oil Seal for Mitsubishi 8973297800 109*137*13 Oil Seal for Isuzu 904/50008 90*120*13 Oil Seal for Combi 80*110*12 22361 Oil Seal for Truck Wheel Hub Mc807438 154*172*14 12857-16700 165*195*19/21 38212-Z5007 57*123*11/21 Oil Seal for Nissan Diesel 90311-T0013 Bh6832-F0 90311-75003 75*108*10*19.5 8-94336-316-1 80*113*12/20 Ah2685h MB160949 45*72*12*19.5 90043-11248 45*72*12/18 90043-55101 55*101*4.7 90311-T0035 47*80.1*10/16.5 90311-34016 34*54*9/15 90311-42035 42*60*7 90311-38047 38*74*11/18 90043-11053 70*112*14/20 114*135*13 MB308966 56*114*10 90313-48004 Bg4415e 90311-48001 48*62*9/24 0343415600 155*180*17 VB Oil Seal for Wheel Hub 90311-34028 34*63*9/15.5 90311-32017 32*46*6 90311-35008 35*49*6 1-09625-331-0 56*122*8/10.5 90311-95008 95*115*9/11.5 90311-85004 85*105*10 83*100*9 90311-25021 25.5*37.5*6 90310-54001 54*64*9/24 29341-64130 17*30*7.5 90311-19002 19*32*7/8 Naa0645b 85*127*13 MB025295 72*94*10 90310-50006 50*70*9 45*58*9 Oil Seal for Compound Gasket 90311-38134 38*74*11 Mh034189 52*84*14 90043-11214 56*70*8.5 Mh034134 60*72*12 1227900qaa 80*100*8 Oil Seal for Nissan Mh034172 65*113*10/30 Oil Seal for Mitsubhisi 62*85*8/10 End Covers Seal Automotive Engines Oil Seal CHINA SEAL FACTORY 2T0501317E Oil Seal TA 127*165.1*16 R71400010 oil seal 30*62*12.5 ACX2455360 Retentor Oil Seal GY 30*52*10 DQ22107 JOHN DEERE Seal 25*52*12 OIL SEAL BGY 25*52*12
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