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Why Does My Car Leak Oil When It Is Parked?

Modify: Jun. 08, 2022

It's often said that changing your oil is the most important thing you can do to maintain your car. Despite this, many car owners procrastinate - and the results of procrastination can be dire.
Over time, the oil becomes contaminated and loses its viscosity. In short, it gets dirty. And when that happens, it loses its ability to prevent friction - which means your engine parts can actually wear on each other, leading to auto oil seal corrosion and potentially major mechanical failure.


Common Signs of an Oil Leak

One way to know that you haven't had an oil change in a long time is if oil is leaking from your engine. One of the most typical signs of an oil leak is seeing a puddle of greasy brown fluid under your car after it has been parked for a while.
An engine covered in oil is also a good indication of a leak. Open the hood every once in a while and check the fluids in your vehicle. You will be able to notice if oil is leaking or seeping out from multiple places. Last but not least, when oil leaks, it comes in contact with hot engine surfaces, which means it will burn and you will be able to smell it.



What causes oil leaks

Usually, it's due to a degraded engine gasket or oil seal. Sometimes these components corrode over time, but if you have this leak, it's probably because you have old, dirty oil - perhaps because you haven't changed it enough recently.


Damaged oil gaskets

Your vehicle's oil pan and gasket are located at the bottom of the engine and are therefore easily damaged by road debris. Rough roads can cause holes that can lead to oil pan leaks. The pan gasket usually suffers a lot of wear or can also be damaged, which can lead to oil gasket leaks.


Why Does My Car Leak Oil When It Is Parked?


Incorrect installation

It can happen that one of the oil seals that keeps the oil in it is installed incorrectly. Most commonly, this occurs when the oil pan gasket or bonnet gasket is too tight. It can also happen when the seal is not evenly distributed. Another cause could be an improperly installed oil filter, because engine oil is constantly flowing through it and if it is loose you could have a leak there.


Bad rings or valve seals

A leaking oil seal or valve seal can also cause your car to leak oil. However, if you don't have a hole in the gasket, oil will not get to the outside of the engine, so you won't notice it because it will be burned up during combustion.


Combi oil seal


Regardless of the exact cause, there is an urgent need to stop the oil leak and bring your vehicle to a 4S store immediately. Do not delay in solving this problem. Then, replace the oil seal with a new one and clean your fuel tank and engine. Please contact HONGLEI today if you want to buy the oil seals.

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