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Sealing Principle and Characteristics of Combination Seals

Modify: Aug. 05, 2022

The combination seal must be composed of two or more independent but correspondingly complementary components. According to the structure and role characteristics of the combination seal, it is divided into one-way seal, two-way seal. What are the sealing principles and characteristics of these combination seals? Please follow Honglei to understand!


COMBI F6 58*80*16.5 for Tractor DANA 000051719

COMBI F6 58*80*16.5 for Tractor DANA 000051719


Sealing principle


Combined sealing device (seal) principle is: make full use of the seal material has a separate excellent performance and components of the most reasonable structural form, made of independent components, two independent components of the organic combination, one of the components mainly play a sealing role, while the other component i mainly play the role of force; Glei ring combination seal in the Glei ring to play a sealing role, while the O-ring compression deformation of the elastic force applied to the Glei ring, so that the Glei ring tight seal. to make the Glei ring close to the coupling surface of the seal, which has the principle of extrusion-type seal; and Ko ring, the main part of the U-shaped ring, and the O-ring is also due to the elastic force applied to the two lips, the lip is close to the sliding surface, play a sealing role, coupled with the role of pressure fluid, also has a self-sealing effect, which has the principle of lip seal, combination sealing device (combination seal) whether it is two components or three, four components combination seal, which should have a sealing role of the component. Which should be a sealing role of the components, the other to give force to the role of the components. In addition, the combination seal (combination seal) also contains the principle of pressure compensation of the inner cavity media, such as C-shaped combination seal (c-shaped combination seal).


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COMBI SF6 OIL SEAL 30*44*14 Part No. 12013519B


The characteristics of the combination seal


1. Sub-use the excellent performance of sealing materials. Each seal material has many properties, but there is always its best performance, the combination of seals always allows the application of the unique good performance of the kind of full play its maximum performance.


2. Combination seal is a seal used for reciprocating motion. The part of the seal that meets with the moving parts is mostly made of low friction factor, with low friction, low wear, smooth movement and long life. This material (PTFE) has good self-lubrication and is not easy to adhere to metal.


3. Combined sealing device (seal) in the synthetic rubber rarely contact with the moving body, even if contact, the contact part is not large, so it is not easy to twist and roll, so it will not affect the sealing, but also long-term use.


4. Part of the combination of sealing device one of the components commonly used materials for enhanced PTFE, not only low friction factor, in addition to acid and alkali almost compatible with all media, mechanical strength, rigidity are good, pressure and temperature range.


5. Long life of the combined sealing device.


6. Compact structure, small size, part of the combination of sealing device (seal) can be a two-way seal, one-way seal combination of sealing devices can be used in pairs.


7. Lip seal compared to the slip, static sealing performance is slightly worse, so the external leakage requirements of strict cases such as lifting machinery should not use the slip ring combination seal ring seal.


8. Part of the combination seal assembly is easier than a single piece.


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