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What to Look For When Choosing an Automotive Oil?

Modify: Jun. 08, 2021

The advantage of most Oil Seal modifications is their low cost. It is true that when the master performs the work of replacing the seals, the price of such a procedure is several times more expensive than the price of the part itself. In addition to the price of the element, a number of factors influence the choice.

Which node the product will be used in. The joint with the highest load must be able to withstand continuous heating above 100 degrees, have a minimum coefficient of friction and be resistant to chemically active technical fluids.

The part must be specific to the environment. For example, if an old product was used to hold antifreeze, a new seal must be created to come in contact with this substance.

Do not use analogues used for installation in other units. It is better to buy an oil seal with a mechanism of a specific car brand. If you cannot find the original, then you can take an analogue from another manufacturer. This way, you can rule out failures due to the installation of an improper seal.

Brand. Some drivers mistakenly believe that the term "original" always means that the part was made by the car manufacturer itself. But more often than not, this is not the case. The truth is that most automotive companies either have a separate subdivision under them with a narrow profile, or use the services of a third-party company but put their own label on the lots they order. In the auto parts market, you can find parts that are no worse in quality than the originals, and in some cases even better. On the other hand, some people wonder if it's really worth paying for a brand if they have the opportunity to buy a cheaper comparable product. In short, such a purchase is justified by the fact that self-respecting companies try to maximize the quality of their products, which leads to an increase in their price.

Automotive Oil Seal

Automotive Oil Seal

In addition to these factors, when purchasing a new Automotive Oil Seal, motorists should be aware of the following nuances.

If a mock-up is purchased instead of the original, it is important to make sure that the design is identical to the old part.

The width of the new gland can be smaller than the width of the old element, but not wider, as this would make installation of the new gasket complicated or impossible. As for the diameter of the contact hole through which the shaft passes, it is best to match the dimensions of the spindle.

Is there a guide on the new part - a thread that prevents dust and dirt from entering the mechanism. In most cases, this part consists of two elements. The first is the boot itself, and the second is the oil scraper.

If you buy a non-original part, then you should give preference to well-known brands, rather than obsessing over the cheapest product.

On domestic cars, analogues designed for foreign cars can be used. The opposite is unacceptable, although the quality of some domestically produced parts has recently become significantly better.

It is possible to make a notch on the inner side of the gland. In the direction of this element, all parts are divided into three categories: left-handed, right-handed and all-purpose.

When selecting a new part, you should pay attention to its dimensions. To speed up your search and eliminate the possibility of buying an unsuitable oil seal, you need to pay attention to its markings.

Original products can be distinguished from fakes by the name of the Automotive Oil Seal Manufacturer, which needs to be replaced. It should be remembered that not all companies independently produce interchangeable parts for their own models. Most companies use the services of third-party companies, so "originals" are not always the cheapest option, and more budgetary analogues may be sold with the same spare parts with the manufacturer's label.

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