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What are The Main Factors That Cause Oil Seal Leakage of Agricultural Machinery?

Here are the main factors that cause the leakage of Agricultural Machine Oil Seal shared by the suppliers of agricultural machinery oil seals. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Agricultural Machine Oil Seal

Agricultural Machine Oil Seal

1.For new or overhauled agricultural machinery, the running-in operation and maintenance operations after running-in are not carried out in strict accordance with the technical specifications, so that the metal scraps ground from the inside of the machine enter the oil seal, causing abrasive wear and causing early damage to the oil seal.

2. When installing the Oil Seal, care is not taken to clean, so that impurities and dust enter the oil seal, causing accidental wear of the shaft seal.

3. During installation, the operator knew that there were obvious scratches and burrs on the shaft, and still installed it in the machine, straining the oil seal; or the tightness of the oil and the shaft was insufficient, causing the oil seal to leak.

4. The quality of the oil seal is poor, and even the obviously incomplete, aging, or cracked oil seal is installed on the machine, causing the oil seal to leak.

5. Improper operation during assembly will cause the oil seal to be twisted and deformed, and even the self-tightening spring of the oil seal will fall off and lose, causing oil leakage.

6. The elastic force of the oil seal self-tightening spring is not enough, which makes the sealing performance of the oil seal poor and causes oil leakage.

7. Agricultural machinery often runs at excessive speeds, causing the rotating shaft with the oil seal to work faster than the suitable speed of the oil seal, resulting in oil leakage from the oil seal.

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